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How To Refill Your Bottles

Firstly a little background. It is estimated that the cosmetic and beauty industry creates over 120 billion units of packaging every year, the real kick

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How To Shave A Full Beard

Whether you’ve just emerged from an expedition into the wilderness, or are trying out a new look, shaving a full beard is no small task.

How Tos

How To Avoid Ingrown Hairs

Itchy, irritating little lumps that appear shortly after shaving, ingrown hairs are caused by hair growing sideways or backwards under your skin, instead of up

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How To Dispose Of Razor Blades

We all know the importance of reducing what we send to landfill, but what are you meant to do with your used razor blades? The

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How To Use A Shaving Brush

Ready to upgrade your shaving routine? Find out the best way to use a shaving brush and everything you need to know to get the

How To Choose A Shaving Cream

Still using the same supermarket shaving cream your mum was buying you as a teenager? Shaving cream has come a long way in the last