Hot Towel Shave

Hot Towel Shave – How to Guide

Hot Towel Shave – How to Guide 

This is a step by step guide to a great shaving experience at home. It does take a bit of pre-planning and preparation but the results are amazing and well worth taking the time to pamper yourself. Ideal for a lazy Sunday morning!

You will need:

  • Shaving cream or soap
  • Shaving brush
  • Razor 
  • Hot water
  • Towels (preferably two, one for heating and one for drying)
  • Pre-shave oil or balm (optional)
  • Moisturiser 

1: Prepare your skin

The first step to achieving the perfect hot towel shave is to prepare your skin. Start by washing your face with very warm water. This will remove any dirt or oil on your skin and also help to open up your pores. Personally, I get the water as hot as I can without causing any pain (don’t scald yourselves!!). If you use a cleanser or scrub use one at this stage. 

If you have a pre-shave balm or oil, apply it to your face at this stage. If you are using Pure Shave shaving cream as a pre shave balm – use an amount the size of a £2 coin and rub into you skin and stubble just enough to cover but not to start a lather. Once done go and have a cup of tea or take time to do the next step. From experience you need to leave the cream on for around 10 minutes to get the best effect from it. 

2: Lather up!

If using a shaving soap bowl: Lather up your shaving cream or soap with your shaving brush. Start with fast and big circular motions to initially create volume, once you have the volume you need finish with smaller and slower mixing to refine into a rich and creamy lather. (Not using a bowl? jump to step 3)

Make sure to use a good quality shaving cream or soap that is designed for your skin type. If you suffer from shaving rash, razor burn or have sensitive skin its important to use a fragrance free cream or soap preferably using all natural ingredients to keep any irritation to a minimum. 

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3: Heat up your towel

Soak one of your towels in hot water and wring out the excess water. You can also add a few drops of essential oils such as lavender or peppermint to the water to give your skin a relaxing and refreshing sensation – (See Note). Place the towel on your face and leave it for a few minutes. This will help to open up your pores and soften your facial hair. Use this time to relax a bit and enjoy the experience. 

Important Note

If you suffer from sensitive skin or shaving rash as I do, do NOT add any essential oils REMEMBER fragrance free is your friend!! 

The Pure Shave Shaving Towel is the perfect size for this – Click HERE to have a look. 

4: Shave

After the hot towel has been on your face for a few minutes, remove it, give your shaving cream one last whip to refine the lather and apply the lather to your face with your shaving brush. 

Don’t have a soap bowl? Not to worry, apply your shaving cream either direct to your skin or to the brush and create the lather on your face. This is my preferred way to use Pure Shave shaving cream as the cream is on your face for a longer period of time so the ingredients get to work for longer!

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Take your razor and begin to shave in the direction of your hair growth. Use short, gentle strokes and be careful not to apply too much pressure, let the razor do the work!. Rinse your razor frequently to avoid clogging the blade. Be careful of your neck area as hair growth tends to change direction. 

Do not be tempted to keep going over the same area again and again to get every last bit of stubble as this can cause irritation.

Top Tip

If you are using Pure Shave Shaving Cream, I developed it to enable shaving against the grain or direction of growth giving an ultra close shave – this may not work for everyone but worth a try at some point to see how you get on.

5: Tidy Up 

Once you have completed shaving, slightly wet your hand and feel over your face for any bits of stubble you have missed. If you are using Pure Shave shaving cream there will be enough residual product on your face to go over the areas you have missed. If not using Pure Shave re-apply another layer of lather and repeat the process until you have shaved all areas of your face.

6: Rinse 

After you have finished shaving, use the original hot towel to gently wipe away any excess shaving cream from your face. Next, thoroughly rinse your face with really cold water to help close up your pores and prevent any irritation or redness. Finally Pat, don’t rub, your face dry with a clean towel. 

7: Moisturise 

Before applying your choice of moisturiser its really important to let your skin cool down to a natural temperature rather than immediately post shave. This helps to avoid excess sweating that can occur after applying moisturiser to hot skin. Personally, I leave at least 20 to 30 minutes before moisturising. Applying a moisturiser will help soothe and hydrate your skin. This will also help to reduce any inflammation or razor burn that may have occurred during the shave.

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To Sum Up

A hot towel shave can be a relaxing and effective way to achieve a smooth and close shave at home. However, it’s really important to take your time and enjoy the process. With a little preparation, practice and patience, you can master the art of the hot towel shave and enjoy a luxurious grooming experience at home. I hope you enjoy it! Let me know how you get on and if you have any tips to share, click HERE.

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