About Us


My name is James Kenning, founder of Pure Shave. Pure Shave is the result of years of investigation to solve a personal problem. When I started shaving I quickly learnt that I suffered very badly from razor burn and razor rash. I tried every new product that came along, hoping I would finally be able to shave pain free. Every product, without fail, let me down.

Through frustration, I decided to find a solution myself. I got to work mixing up different formulas in my kitchen at home.

Every single element of Pure Shave was specifically selected for its own individual skin kind properties. I focused on minimal ingredients but with maximum skin calming effects.

As a result, Pure Shave is fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, high in vitamin E a potent antioxidant and a powerful emollient to help soothe irritated skin. This shave cream has been refined with a focus on simplicity hence PURE SHAVE.

After many attempts, I had a formula that far exceeded my expectations, especially when shaving against the direction of growth. My home made formula was then given to a professional cosmetic formulation company that tweaked, streamlined and safety tested it for me over the next few years.

Pure Shave was then tested by other razor burn and razor rash sufferers. After a two-week testing period, 86% of participants stated that it was far better than anything they have used before.

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"Pure shave is much better than any other product that I have ever used. So much So that I have been shaving daily with it, which I never did before as I've always found it too painful."
Primary School Teacher
"Pure Shave leaves the skin feeling great and no need for an aftershave balm. I had no razor burn or razor rash. The aluminium bottle looks awesome and I love the fact it is re-fillable."
Cardiovascular doctor
"Pure shave rinsed well from the razor, provided a smooth shave and left the skin feeling very good. I love the bottles and the idea of refills"
TV presenter