I developed Pure Shave because I suffered from razor burn and have sensitive skin, so yes it will be excellent for you to use. There are minimal ingredients, no fragrance, no SLS and no foaming propellant. If there was not a benefit to skin health the ingredient did not get in the formula. Ready for a pain free shave? Try a Bottle today 

One pump of the bottle releases 1.7ml of product so there are just over 88 pumps per bottle. Personally, I use three pumps per shave and shave twice a week so one bottle will last me just over three months. Once empty you can refill with a refill pouch. Try a bottle today.

We use Royal Mail for delivery so currently First class is next working day and 2nd class (Our free delivery) takes 2-3 days. Get your item delivered now

It really is very simple - unscrew the pump head, refill and screw back on. I would suggest rinsing out the bottle when you change to a new refill pack - full instructions are on the refill pack or check out our video HERE. Buy your Pure Shave Shaving Cream Refillable Bottle

No, Pure Shave will leave your skin feeling soft, supple and hydrated.

Try A Bottle Today And Feel The Difference For Yourself

Yes Pure Shave will work really well with a shaving brush and bowl.

Ready to Lather Up?

No, your skin will not feel greasy after using our moisturiser it has a dry non greasy formula. 

Refillable Moisturiser Bottle 

Yes, you can use the moisturiser daily.

Refillable Moisturiser Bottle 

Yes, the box is there for protection so that when you use our refill service your Amber bottle is safe and secure during postage too and from us.

Amber 50ml Refillable Bottle 

It's very simple.
1.You order the refill service in the shop.
2. We send you a prepaid postage bag.
3. You send your box back to us in the prepaid postage bag
4. We refill your bottle and send it back. Simple.

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Yes, samples are available in the shop click here to try a sample