You Ask, We Answer: “Can I Shave With Soap Instead Of Shaving Cream?”

If you’re still using an all-purpose soap instead of a shaving cream, it’s time to reconsider. Soap may have come a long way from its humble beginnings, but it still falls short of modern shaving cream in terms of quality and performance.

Soap’s Dirty Truth

The earliest soaps were made by combining animal fat with ash and salt, with the ancient Romans adding urine to the mix. Today, soap is created by combining natural fats with lye, a chemical that comes from salt. While synthetic ingredients have allowed for soap-like alternatives to be created, many of them still include the same core products, such as sodium tallowate, which is made from the fatty tissue of cattle or sheep.

Soap’s Properties

While soap gives a nice lather, it is incredibly drying due to its detergent action, which strips healthy oils away from the skin along with dirt and grime. If you notice your skin feeling tight post shave this will be the reason why. Common detergents used in soap, such as sodium lauryl sulfate, are known to strip natural oils, while lye can upset the skin’s pH balance, leading to irritation.

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Why a Shaving Cream is Better Than Soap

When it comes to your skin, one size does not fit all. The delicate skin on your face is entirely different from the thicker layers on your feet, so why use one product for both? Soap is great for washing dirt off your hands or giving your feet a good scrub after a game of footie, but it’s not suitable for your shaving routine.

A good quality, eco-friendly shaving cream like Pure Shave is gentler on your skin and will soften your stubble without removing moisture. This means you get a superior shave and are left with healthy, hydrated skin. Many of our Pure Shave customers report that the blend of natural oils we use in our shaving cream also means they don’t have to use any additional skincare products post-shave. Now that’s the kind of low maintenance routine we can get behind 

In conclusion

while soap may be a versatile household item, it’s not the best option for shaving. By switching to a high-quality shaving cream, you’ll experience a smoother, gentler shave that leaves your skin feeling soft, supple and hydrated.

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