How To Choose A Shaving Cream

Still using the same supermarket shaving cream your mum was buying you as a teenager? Shaving cream has come a long way in the last few decades, with the new wave of creams prioritising skin health as well as a great shave. 

If we could give you just one piece of advice about choosing a shaving cream, it would be to avoid any that contain sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), a harsh detergent that strips your skin’s natural oils. SLS can leave skin feeling dry, tight and irritated. While a lather is important, there are many ingredients that give great foam but are kinder to the skin, like the blend of disodium lauryl succinate and sodium lauryl sulfodiacteate we use in Pure Shave Shaving Cream.

Ultimately, the best shaving cream is one that allows for friction-free shaving without damaging your skin’s health. Always opt for a shaving cream that has been formulated without SLS to be gentler on skin, and has moisturising properties to soothe and hydrate.

Find out more about avoiding SLS in shaving cream.

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