Pure Shave Starter Set (Shaving cream and Moisturiser)


This set is a great introduction to Pure Shave. It contains one of our 150ml refillable shaving cream bottles and one 100ml refillable Moisturiser bottle.

  • All natural ingredients, no razor burn or razor rash
  • Skin feels amazingly soft, supple and hydrated post shave
  • Light and easily absorbed moisturiser has a non greasy formula
  • Refill both bottles when empty with one of our Eco Refill Pouch
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The Pure Shave starter set is a fantastic introduction to the brand featuring a 150ml Shaving cream and a 100ml Moisturiser.


Specifically developed to virtually eliminate razor burn and razor rash, Pure Shave Shaving Cream uses quality, natural ingredients to provide the nourishing, irritation-free shave you deserve.

With Coconut and Sweet Almond oil, the razor glides smoothly over skin for a close, frictionless shave. Skin is left hydrated, soothed and ready for whatever the day throws at it.


For dry or dehydrated skin, Pure Shave Moisturiser is the ideal addition to your skincare regime. If you don’t shave daily or have a particularly dry complexion, you’ll love the moisture boost of this light, non-greasy formula.

Keeping your skin feeling supple and hydrated throughout the day, we combine natural extracts with the latest technology to create a light, easily absorbed moisturiser for all skin types.

Our eco-friendly packaging means you can shop with confidence, knowing that your daily routine won’t contribute to landfill. When the bottles of your Pure Shave Starter Set are empty, simply refill them. Use the Pure Shave Eco Refillable Pouch or the Pure Shave Moisturiser Eco Refill Pouch

For more information on refilling your Pure Shave bottles check out our video on YouTube here 


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