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Why You Should Never Share A Razor

Can you share razors? Now, it goes without saying that no one is out there using other people’s razors as some sort of deviant hobby. We’ve all sampled someone else’s shower gel or conditioner when staying as a guest, but razors aren’t usually something you test drive. That being said, we’d be willing to bet money that at some point, out of desperation, you’ve reached for a razor that isn’t yours.

Hey, you’re not alone; we’ve all been there. But we’re here to share a few reasons you should never share a razor again. And trust us, by the time you reach the end, you’ll happily choose hairy pits over an emergency shave in the future.  

Reason 1. It’s Probably Dull

We all know a sharp, fresh razor gives you the best shave, but if you’ve fooled yourself into thinking that any shave is better than no shave at all, you’d be wrong. You have no idea how long someone else’s razor has been used, and often, a dull blade isn’t visible to the eye. Shaving with a dull blade increases your risk of razor burn, bumps and skin irritation – not a good look.

Reason 2. Sharing Razors Spreads Infection

When you shave, you cut more than just hair, you can also create microscopic openings in the skin that allow organisms like bacteria to enter. If you’re asking, “what are a few germs between friends”, you might not be ready to hear the answer.

By sharing razor blades, you can spread bacteria, fungi, and viruses (such as jock itch and common warts, caused by HPV). It gives new meaning to loving your friends “warts and all”.

Reason 3. You Could Contract A Serious Illness

Time to get serious. If fungi and skin irritation aren’t enough to put you off sharing a razor, this sure will. Although they’re usually spread through bodily fluids, serious viruses like herpes and hepatitis can linger on razor blades between uses. And, because these viruses often lay dormant, the owner of the blade may not even know they’re infected.

Is a smooth bikini line on holiday really worth the risk of herpes? Yeah, we thought not.

Avoid Getting Caught Short With These Tips

So, it’s safe to say you’ll think twice before grabbing your partner’s razor in the future, but you can go a step further by avoiding getting caught out in the first place. If you use a refillable razor, stock up on cartridges so you always have a steady supply. And, if you suspect someone else has “borrowed” your razor, you can easily swap out a new blade to be on the safe side.

It’s also worth having a cheap pack of disposable razors on hand and keeping one in your washbag at all times. That way, you’ll never head off on a weekend away without one.

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