Which is better for your skin, shaving cream, gel or foam

Which Is Better For Your Skin: Shaving Cream, Gel or Foam?

Which is better for your skin: Shaving Cream, Gel or Foam…..

Shopping for shaving products can be a lot like ordering a sandwich from Subway – you’re spoiled for choice. Which type of razor should you use? What kind of blade gives the smoothest shave? And is shaving cream, gel or foam the best?

The truth is that each has its own set of benefits. Which is right for you will depend on what you find the most important. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll compare the three most popular types of “shaving lube” – yes, that really is an industry term – and help you decide which is best for your skin (and the planet).

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Shaving foams are a popular choice for many people when it comes to shaving. Cheap and cheerful, they may not be the best option money can buy, but they do provide a creamy lather that helps the blade glide smoothly over your skin. But have you ever wondered how it gets so foamy right out of the can? The answer isn’t pretty.

Foams often contain alcohol to create their instantly foamy texture. And, while not all alcohols are bad, the type used by the majority of shaving companies is incredibly drying. These alcohols should be avoided by anyone who suffers from dry or sensitive skin, as they strip moisture and cause irritation. Even those with normal or oily skin may find their face is left feeling tight and uncomfortable post-shave.

Another factor that goes against shaving foams is that they’re an aerosol, which have been shown to be bad for the environment. Aerosols release volatile organic compounds into the air when sprayed. These VOCs contribute to air pollution and impact our ozone.

So, although shaving foam is easy to use and provides a clean shave, it may not be the best option if you’re looking for a skin and eco-friendly choice.

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 Gels are another popular product designed to help the blade glide smoothly over your skin. It comes in a denser concentration than foam, meaning a little goes a long way. This, and the novelty of the gel rapidly expanding into a foam, are among the reasons some people choose shaving gel as their product of choice.

However, it’s these same selling points that are shaving gel’s downfall. Like shaving foam, the formula is packed full of additional ingredients in order to create the foaming effect, many of which are very harsh on the skin. One that is commonly used in shaving gel is the propellant iso-butane, which has been shown to lead to skin irritation and even cause allergic reactions in those with sensitive skin.

And in fact, it’s not only your skin that feels the ill effects of using shaving gel, it’s your razor too. The extensive list of unnecessary ingredients can clog your blades, making it difficult to shave properly. A clogged razor stops the blades from gliding smoothly over your skin, meaning you’re more likely to get razor rash, razor burn or other skin complaints.


Unlike shaving foam and gel, the average shaving cream is much less likely to be filled with unnecessary additives. Shaving cream can be used in its natural form, frothed with a brush in a shaving bowl, or lathered with a brush directly on the face to become a luscious, natural foam.

In its cream form, shaving cream spreads easily over your skin and helps the blade glide smoothly. When it’s frothed with a brush, the air bubbles help stubble stand upright, making it easier to cut and preventing razor rash and other skin problems. So, whether you have the time to froth or not, you can still expect great results from your shave.

At Pure Shave, we didn’t want to make just any shaving cream; we wanted to make the best shaving cream on the market. So, Pure Shave Shaving Cream contains minimal ingredients, and those that make the cut are hand-picked to be skin-friendly.

For example, we use a high concentration of moisturising ingredients, which not only helps your razor pass smoothly across your skin but also helps the skin itself stay nourished and hydrated. Our cream also actively softens your stubble, making the hair easier to cut. This means that you need less pressure on the skin to get a close shave, which further reduces any possible irritations.

And last but certainly not least, Pure Shave Shaving Cream comes in refillable, recyclable bottles, making it kind to the environment too. In fact, our eco-friendly credentials are what we’re most proud of.

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In Summary

We’ve explored the three types of shaving lubricant, so, how do they stack up?

Shaving Cream

Shaving Gel

Shaving Foam

The results are in and the answer if you want a clean, smooth shave that doesn’t come at the expense of the environment, shaving cream is the winning choice. Ready to see the difference for yourself? Try Pure Shave Shaving Cream, the best shaving cream for your face and the planet.

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