Welcome to the After Shaving blog. In this blog we discuss all things Shaving from general questions like What does a shaving cream do? To questions like Why you should never share a razor! and everything in-between.  If there is a topic missing that you would like answers to click HERE to use our contact form and let us know what you want.

Eco-Friendly Shaving Tips

Eco-Friendly Shaving Tips for a Sustainable Grooming Experience

In our commitment to promoting a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle, we’re proud to offer a unique approach to grooming that centres around eco-consciousness without ...
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Eco-Conscious Packaging

How Eco-Conscious Packaging Contributes to Environmental Wellness

As we continue to champion sustainability in everything we do, understanding the role of eco-conscious packaging within the grooming and beauty industry becomes crucial. At ...
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Shaving Cream

How Our Built-in Protection Shaving Cream Transforms Your Shaving Routine

Welcome to a new era in shaving! At a time when simplicity and effectiveness in skincare are prized, we’re proud to introduce you to a ...
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Shaving and Moisturising

Top Tips for Using Our Shaving and Moisturising Regimen

Welcome to a fresh approach to your daily shaving and skincare routine with our dedicated shaving cream and moisturiser. Here at our brand, we focus ...
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Shaving Products

Benefits of Sweet Almond Oil in Shaving Products

Sweet almond oil isn’t just a staple for culinary enthusiasts; its exceptional properties also make it a cornerstone ingredient in our shaving cream. Renowned for ...
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Natural Nourishment

Discover the Benefits of Sweet Almond and Coconut Oil in Our Shaving Cream

As a brand dedicated to enhancing your shaving experience, we tend to focus sharply on the quality and impact of our ingredients. Our Pure Shave ...
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