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Seasonal Skincare Woes? Here’s What Works.

The temperature is beginning to drop and the nights are drawing in. Summer is out, Autumn is here.  As the seasons change, many of us will notice changes in the condition of our skin too – temperature, wind and humidity all impact the external barrier of our skin and its ability to regulate.

Dry, chapped skin can emerge seemingly overnight, especially if you’re also affected by seasonal allergies that arrive with Autumn. Ragweed and mould spores are both rampant over the colder months and can trigger itchy, irritated skin along with breathing and sinus issues.

With the change in seasons bringing so many potential irritants, what steps can you take to minimise the damage?

Here’s the lowdown on seasonal skincare…

Safeguard Your Skin

First and foremost, a crucial part of protecting your skin from the change of season is ensuring that you’re not fueling the fire. Between cold temperatures, dry air and wind, there are a lot of abrasive elements in play. If you’re using a physical exfoliant, whether it be a face scrub or even just a rough face cloth, you’re putting even more strain on your skin. Instead, use gentle cleansers on your face, and steer clear of ingredients like sodium lauryl sulphate which strip the skin’s natural oils.

When shaving, use a good quality shaving cream to form a protective barrier between the blades and the surface of the skin. The creamy formulation we use at Pure Shave ensures that your razor glides as close to the skin as possible without generating unwanted friction or impacting the skin’s defences.

Deep Hydration


If you haven’t already, now is a great time to focus on improving your hydration levels. The amount of hydration your skin receives, both internally and externally, can have a huge impact on your complexion. If you’re struggling with dryness, increase the amount of water you’re consuming each day, and make sure you’re getting plenty of oil in your diet from healthy sources like nuts and avocados.

And of course, the quickest and most effective way to boost moisture is by using quality skincare products. Even if you don’t typically suffer from dry or irritated skin, the arrival of Autumn can leave your skin craving added moisture. If you have combination or normal skin, the nourishing almond oil and vitamin E in Pure Shave shaving cream will provide ample hydration. If you suffer from particularly dry or sensitive skin, you may also choose to follow up with a rich moisturiser.

Watch this space for Pure Shave Moisturiser, arriving in November.

Just remember, not all skincare is created equal. Always check the ingredients carefully and opt for those which contain the most skin-friendly formulation. Find out more about what goes into a bottle of Pure Shave here.

Whatever the colder seasons throw at you, with Pure Shave, you can be sure your skin is in good hands.

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