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Safety Razors vs. Cartridge Razors

Safety Razors

Also known as double-edged razors, this traditional style of razor will never go out of style. Some say you can’t beat a classic, and when it comes to safety razors, we’d be inclined to agree. They were created as a safer alternative to cut-throat razors which gents would be able to use themselves, removing the need to visit a barber for regular upkeep.

Safety razors tend to have a higher initial outlay than cartridge razors, as cartridge razors are usually plastic, while safety razors are wooden or metal, making them longer lasting. But it’s not the handle, but the blade where double-edged razors really shine. Thick double-edged blades last longer than thinner, modern blades and cost much less to replace. At the time of writing this, a pack of 5 blades can be bought for as little as £1.25. Collect your spent blades and dispose of them with the scrap metal at your local recycling centre.


  • Low cost of blades
  • Nostalgic and traditional
  • Blades can be recycled
  • Lower environmental impact (no plastic)


  • Higher initial cost
  • Technique is important

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Cartridge Razors

What most of us think of when we picture a modern razor, cartridge razors have detachable cartridges which can be replaced as needed. The cartridges themselves may hold anywhere from 1 to 5 incredibly thin blades, offering a great shave, if not the same lasting power of the thicker metal in safety razors. That being said, many of our customers report that they get a longer life from their cartridge razors when pairing them with Pure Shave Shaving Cream.

Unlike safety razors, cartridge razors have a low initial cost for the handle, with the balance of the cost involved in buying replacement cartridges. As cartridges combine a plastic casing with metal blades, they cannot be easily recycled, however, the convenience of easily switching out cartridges outweighs this for many people, particularly if they don’t shave daily.


  • Very convenient
  • Quick to change cartridges
  • Multiple sharp blades
  • Technique less important


  • Thin blades become blunt quickly
  • Not recyclable

So, in the battle of safety razors vs cartridge razors, which comes out on top? It really comes down to personal preference and what aspects are most important to you. In terms of environmental impact, safety razors win hands-down, but when it comes to convenience, cartridges can’t be beaten.

We’ll soon be launching our very own range of Pure Shave Razor Sets, available with brush, bowl and either a traditional double-edged razor handle or a handle for your cartridge razor blades. Which will you choose?

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