Razors how many blades do you need?

Razors – How many blades do you need?

Razors – How many blades do you actually need?

Straight off the bat, it’s all about personal preference. Getting a perfect shave depends on so many variables; Skin type, Stubble growth, water softness, razor type, technique and finally what product you use to shave with. It all goes into the mix to determine how your shave will turn out. 

Did you know: Facial hair is as tough as copper wire!!


Having spent many years suffering from razor burn and shaving rash, the one thing that made the biggest difference to me is what goes between my skin and the blades. That is what lead me to develop Pure Shave Shaving Cream, I truly believe its the most important part of a pain free shave.  

Personally the next most important part of a pain free shave is the razor itself. Which brings me on to the question just how many blades do you actually need!! – Again, its personal preference but here’s my take on it….

Single Blade Razors

Also known as safety razors, DE or Double edged razors, have been around for centuries*. They have a single blade that is fixed to the handle and are cheap to replace. Therefore you should always have a sharp blade. These razors need time and practice to use. From my experience they are tricky to master. Being honest, I never managed to master it but that says more about my technique and not having the patience to persevere with it. Beware, they bite as well! I got more nicks and cuts using one of these than all the other options put together. That said, for those who do master it the results are fantastic and once converted never go back!

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Twin Blade Razors

Two blade razors were introduced by Gillette in 1971 and are still used today. These razors have two blades that are positioned closely together, allowing for a closer and smoother shave. They normally have a fixed head and are associated with the disposable type of razor. Whilst I feel they are easier to use than the DE type razor, the shave you get is somewhat disappointing. They are the type of razor that you use once, when you have no other option and never use again! If you have to use one go slowly and use the best shaving cream you can – Pure Shave for example :0)

3 Blade Razors

Back in 1998 Gillette released the game changing Mach3 three blade razor. These are still very popular among shavers today. Its interesting and funny to note that during the R&D for the Mach3 Gillette found that mens experience of shaving was “time-consuming, irritating and often unpleasant”. Until I came up with Pure Shave I couldn’t agree more! 

The three blades are positioned closely together and are designed to lift and cut hair and provide a closer, comfortable and quicker shave. Gillette also found that using a DE razor would take between 100-500 strokes to shave a face. This is estimated to reduce to under a 100 when using a 3 blade razor, meaning a quicker and less irritating shave. 

The effectiveness of the 3 (and 5) blade system means that you can get amazingly close shaves. This is great unless, like me you suffer from sensitive skin and are prone to shaving rash. Which brings me back to my original point of ‘it’s what you put between your skin and the blade that counts!’ 

5 Blade Razors

Five blade razors are the newest addition to the market released in 2005 and are designed to provide an ultra-close shave. They have five blades that are positioned closely together, which helps to lift and cut hair with ease. Why the additional 2 blades? The additional blades reduces skin bulge (between blades) and help ‘flatten’ the skin to help reduce irritation even more. 

When I made the change from three to five blades I have to say I was pessimistic and thought it was a total gimmick. However, I was very impressed by the results and as such have been using a five blade system since. Pure Shave is releasing its own five blade cartridge system in the very near future so keep an eye on the website for more info! 

As loathe as I am to send you to another website there is a short but fascinating video on YouTube on this subject click HERE to watch 

Lubrication Strips

Lubrication strips are an essential feature of modern razors. They provide a moisturising effect that reduces friction and helps to prevent skin irritation. Many contain ingredients such as glycerin, aloe vera, and vitamin E, which hydrate the skin and provide a smooth and comfortable shave. Lubrication strips also play a crucial role in reducing the pressure applied to the skin, which can prevent cuts and nicks. 

In conclusion 

On the whole, the number of blades on a razor does make a difference in the quality of the shave (Unless you master the art of the DE razor). The additional blades provide a closer, quicker more comfortable shave and go a long way to help reduce irritation. This makes them an excellent option for men with sensitive skin. Lubrication strips also play a crucial role in reducing friction and providing a smooth and comfortable shave.

Regardless of how many blades you use, the thing that I think makes the biggest difference is what medium you use to shave with. Before I created Pure Shave I used both 3 and 5 blade razors and suffered so badly from shaving rash I would go weeks between shaves. However, now, using Pure Shave shaving cream and a 5 blade razor I can shave daily if the mood takes me! 

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