Mens Razor Buyers Guide Pure Shave London

Men’s Razor Buyer’s Guide

Disposable or double-edged? One blade or five? Buying a men’s razor is a tricky business. With so many variations claiming to offer the “best results” and new cartridge razors continuously being added to supermarket shelves, you might be surprised to learn that it’s actually the traditional razors that are favoured by the modern gent.  

At Pure Shave, we’ve long been fans of traditional razors due to their clean finish and luxury aesthetic, but it’s the eco-credentials that really tip the scales. Not only are double-edged razors easy to keep sharp thanks to their low-cost, easily changed blades, but the blades themselves are also recyclable. Ultimately, the right razor for you will be a combination of sustainability, cost and convenience factors. But, all things being equal, we recommend a double-edged razor every time. 

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