getting the best out of Pure Shave shaving cream

How To Get The Best Out Of Pure Shave Shaving Cream

Getting the best out of Pure Shave shaving cream…

This is great for those of us who have very sensitive skin or suffer badly from razor burn or razor rash. It does take a bit more time but the results are amazing. Conversely, it’s a wonderfully indulgent way to start a weekend!

Using Pure Shave shaving cream as a pre-shave balm

Start by washing your face with warm water and drying it with a towel. Apply a small amount of shaving cream to your face (about the size of a £1 coin), the aim is to get a thin layer of the cream all over your stubble but don’t rub it in too much you ideally want this layer to soak in and disappear. Now, go and have cup of tea or coffee for 10-15 minutes.

Once you have finished your cuppa, try one of these different methods below to finish off your shave.

Quick and easy method

Firstly, rinse your face with very warm water. Using an amount of the shaving cream the size of a £2 coin, use half on one cheek and half on the other. With circular motions, massage it into your face until the cream starts to turn whiter and covers all of your beard. You may need to add a little extra cream at this point to make sure you have good coverage. Then shave as normal making sure to rinse your blade often. 

The great thing about Pure Shave is that after this first pass there is still enough residual cream on your face to go back over with your razor and shave any remaining stubble. Once done rinse your face thoroughly with hot water first and then with really cold water. Apply Pure Shave moisturiser if required.

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With a Brush

Wet your shaving brush with hot water and squeeze off excess water from the bristles. Apply the shaving cream directly to the brush. Using fast small circular motions, start applying the cream to your beard. The shaving cream will foam up more than in the quick and easy method. Take your time and don’t rush. Once you have a good coverage on your face, squeeze the brush between your thumb and forefinger to extract the foam that has built up within the bristles. Use this to add to the foam on your face to give you a really good layer to shave with. Then shave as normal with your razor of choice. 

Finish off by rinsing your face with really warm water and finally with cold water. Once your face has dried completely and you have cooled down from being in the hot environment of the bathroom it’s a great idea to apply Pure Shave moisturiser to keep your skin protected for the day ahead. 

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