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How To Get A Close Shave Without Razor Burn

Shave without razor burn… Tired of having to choose between stubble and a rash? You’re in the right place. Getting a close shave without suffering from razor burn isn’t just possible, it’s easy with these tips.

Sick of a disappointing shave that leaves your skin feeling stressed and irritated? We hear you. Shaving is one of those chores in life that isn’t enjoyable at the best of times, let alone when it’s followed by a case of itchy, inflamed skin.

If you’ve ever wondered whether there’s more to it, or if there’s some inside trick that no-one’s let you in on, you’re in the right place. At Pure Shave, we’re experts in all things shaving, so we’ve compiled our five top tips for getting a great shave, every time.

1.   Don’t Skip Your Pre-Shave

The step most often left out of a good shaving routine is undoubtedly pre-shave skin prep. For the best shave, open your pores with a hot flannel or shower, and give your face a good scrub with a quality exfoliator. Not only will this remove the layer of built-up dirt and dead skin cells which sit around the base of the follicle, but it also heats the skin, making each hair sit further out of the skin. The end result? A cleaner shave that lasts longer.

2.   Rethink Your Technique

One of the main causes of a patchy shave and razor burn is poor technique. Despite what you might have been told in the past, going against the grain is not necessarily bad for your skin. In fact, having to make numerous passes over the same area when you’re shaving with the grain is more irritating to the skin. The secret to a close, rash-free shave is to use a quality shaving cream, regardless of which direction you shave.

3.   Use A Shaving Cream

A good shaving cream not only protects and hydrates your skin, but it also allows the blade to work more effectively, cutting hairs without creating undue friction on the skin. While a full foamy lather may look the part, it’s not a factor in a good shave. In fact, a fuller lather is usually created with detergents which strip your skin’s natural oils. Check those ingredients first and avoid sodium lauryl sulfate (we prefer sodium lauryl sulfodiactetate, a gentler cleanser).

4.   Choose the Right Blade

You can’t get a great shave with a dull blade. Make sure you’re using a sharp blade, and better still, use a safety razor with one blade. Not only is this better for the planet as you create less waste, but it’s also cheaper to replace your blades and far less irritating to the skin than pulling multiple bits of metal across your face.

5.   It Doesn’t End With the Shave

Immediately following your shave, rinse your face with cold water. This closes your pores and prevents clogged follicles. Next, take note of how your skin feels. With a quality product like Pure Shave, your skin will likely feel nourished and hydrated. But if you’ve got skin which is naturally very dry, or used a product that has left your skin feeling tight, slap on some moisturiser to help your skin recover. We have you covered here, use Pure Shave moisturiser – click here 

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