Razor blade close up

How To Dispose Of Razor Blades

We all know the importance of reducing what we send to landfill, but what are you meant to do with your used razor blades? The answer depends on whether you’re using a double-edged safety razor or a cartridge razor. 

Cartridge razors are constructed of metal, plastic and rubber, and so can’t be recycled. Double-edged razor blades, however, are entirely made of metal and so are recyclable. That being said, you don’t want to throw them loose into your recycling bin! 

The easiest way to dispose of your razor blades is in a blade disposal tin. You can buy these online in a range of designs, and they’ll usually hold 200+ blades. When your tin is full, simply take it to your recycling centre. We recommend checking with your local council before disposal, as some operate alternative blade disposal schemes.

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