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Hair Removal For Women, What You REALLY Need

Allow me to preface this blog by telling you that I’m a woman. Is that relevant? Absolutely. Here’s why:

As in so many industries, the hair removal market is predominantly run by men. That means that many products for women are designed and marketed by men. Walk through any supermarket and you can bet 80% of women’s hair removal products are in pretty pink boxes, advertised with words like “Sugarberry”, “Vanilla Crème” or “Intuition”.

Now, call me a cynic, but all I want is something that can give me a few days of hairless pits, I’m not shopping for French bonbons.

So, this is a blog about real hair removal, without the pomp and circumstance, the flowery words or the false promises about turning you into a goddess. Here’s what you really need for easy, at-home hair removal:


Look, if you can successfully wax what needs waxing at home, more power to you. However, for most women, waxing requires a trip to the salon, making it an expensive, inconvenient method for regular hair removal.

Depilatory Creams

If I had a quid for every woman who had a horror story with depilatory cream, I’d have… well, a rather large stack of coins. Anything that can literally dissolve the hair right from your follicle is not good for your skin.

Disposable Razors

Not only are disposable razors terrible for the planet, they’re also more likely to give you ingrown hairs and a terrible shave. They might be cheaper than other razors on the market, but it’s a false economy when you consider how often they need replacing.

A Quality Razor

The first tool you need for the best hair removal at-home results is a good quality razor. It’s such a competitive market that there’s very little difference between the performance of brands and ranges, so instead, make your choice based on what you can afford and its sustainability. Find out Which Razor Is Right For You.

Shaving Cream

Raise your hand if you’re still using soap or shower gel to shave. This is one of the reasons most of us get such sub-standard results from shaving - we’re using products that simply aren’t created for what we’re using them for. Shaving cream gives the closest, smoothest shave. Try it out, you’ll notice the difference.

Post-Shave Hydration

Shaving (particularly with soap) can dry out your skin, which is why so many women get ingrown hairs and irritation following hair removal. Pure Shave Shaving Cream is enriched with almond oil, coconut oil and vitamin E, providing the skin with hydration, even after shaving. If you have particularly dry skin, or aren’t using Pure Shave products, follow up your shave with a moisturising lotion or cream.

Watch this space for Pure Shave Moisturiser, arriving in November.

And there we have it, no bold claims or gimmicky wonder products, just the right equipment to give the best results. Who would have thought, all that time, we never actually needed pink strawberry-scented razors? Go figure!

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