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Pure Shave – The Greener Way to Groom

Eco friendly shaving the Pure Shave way.

With growing consciousness about the importance of sustainable living, we wanted to share our vision and green credentials with you, so you can be sure you’re using your purchasing power for good.

Since its conception, Pure Shave has believed in creating sustainable, ethical shaving products that don’t sacrifice results. It’s all part of our ethos to REFILL, REUSE and REGAIN. 

Green Grooming For All

While many brands talk about making “greener choices”, we actually walk the talk. Our handy pouches and collaboration with zero-waste stores allow you to REFILL your durable aluminium can of shaving cream or moisturiser so that you can REUSE it again and again. Not only do Pure Shave products reduce the contribution to landfill, but they also help you REGAIN a smooth complexion, free from stubble and irritation.

These aspects of our business resulted in Pure Shave being awarded the Good Brand Award, “In Recognition of Advancing Social & Environmental Sustainability”, by the international lifestyle magazine, Sublime.

Green Packaging

Where Pure Shave stands tall is in our commitment to doing things the right way, even if it costs us a little more. It isn’t just our refillable aluminium shaving cream cans that offer a low-waste alternative; we consider the long-term impact of all our products and look for ways to reduce wastage even further.

Take, for example, our unisex fragrance, Amber. While the bottle itself may not look dissimilar to other perfumes, there is thought in every inch. The bottle comes in a metal travel case, allowing you to send it back to us safely, ready to be topped up and returned to you. So, not only can people of any gender enjoy Amber, but they can enjoy it for a lifetime.

Not only is reducing our waste a step against climate change, but by embracing the refilling revolution, you save time and money.

Gentle Ingredients

No matter how sustainable our products are, we never lose sight of the real focus, our customers. Alongside our commitment to eco friendly shaving, we champion skin-friendly formulations and eco-friendly ingredients.

We use Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil and Vitamin E instead of synthetic alternatives because we believe your skin deserves the best. For that reason, we don’t use SLS, one of the most common ingredients in shaving cream. While SLS does a great job of stripping dirt and grime (which is why it’s used in detergent), it also pulls the natural oils from your skin, leaving it dry, chapped and irritated. There are many gentler alternatives to SLS which don’t strip your skin’s natural oils, but they’re not as popular because they’re more expensive to source.

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At Pure Shave, we think prioritising your skin’s health is more than reason enough to invest in better solutions. Together, we’re making greener grooming the obvious choice.

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