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5 Easy Swaps To Refillable Products

We can all make small changes that help reduce the impact of waste on our planet – but some are easier than others. In previous articles, we’ve shared tips for recycling and reducing waste, but today we’ll be sharing the top refillable products that offer an alternative to packaging-heavy alternatives.

Refillable products are becoming more common on our shelves, and often contain a fraction of the plastics used in regular products. With belts being tightened around the country, saving a little money on all that packaging makes these swaps an opportunity too good to resist!

1.   Shaving Cream

As one of the most skin-friendly refillable shaving creams available in the UK, Pure Shave Shaving Cream has a well-deserved spot at the top of our list. Hard-wearing and recyclable, Pure Shave comes in aluminium bottles to reduce plastic waste. Eco-friendly well before it was trendy, we also offer refillable pouches which contain enough product to top up your aluminium bottle three times, reducing both waste and cost.  

2.   Coffee

One of the easiest changes you can make in your grocery shop is to grab a refill packet when you start running low on instant or ground coffee. Choose a decorative container to store your coffee in, or simply top up the last jar you purchased – whether you’re doing it for aesthetics or convenience, it’s a smart choice.

3.   Fragrance

Research shows that as much as 80% of the purchase price of perfume is due to the bottle and packaging. Don’t get caught up in brand names and glitzy presentation, instead choose a quality scent that you can refillable again and again. One of the few refillable perfumes in the UK, Amber Eau de Toilette, is a unisex fragrance you’re sure to love.

4.   Cleaning Spray

From windows and floors to surfaces, cleaning products are a mainstay of our monthly groceries. Just imagine how many of those squirty bottles you’ve thrown away for the years! Shake things up with refillable cleaning products from one of the new eco-brands offering a range of home supplies. We love Neat for simplicity and their great scent options like Mango & Fig.

5.   Deodorant

Another simple swap that doesn’t sacrifice quality is to ditch your plastic deodorant for a refillable option. For an alternative to traditional roll-on deodorant, Wild is a great choice, with a range of scents for him and her. Or, if you prefer an antiperspirant spray, try Salt Of The Earth, which offers 500ml and 1litre refill bottles.

Making eco-friendly choices doesn’t need to be difficult. With more brands offering refillable products than ever before, there’s never been a better time to try one for yourself.

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