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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Shaving

We all love a good did-you-know list, and this one is bound to offer up a few fun facts you can share at dinner parties. From the WWF to dignitaries, here are five things you didn’t know about hair and shaving.

1.   We’re a hairy bunch

A commonly touted fact is that we lose 50-100 hairs from our head per day, but do you know how many hair follicles you actually have?

Our heads have approximately 100,000 hair follicles, and the face has another 10,000 to15,000! That’s a LOT of hair. While these follicles will usually all produce hair during your younger years, some stop working altogether as you age, which gives the appearance of thinning and patchiness.

2.   Men’s hair grows faster than women’s.

Interestingly, men’s hair typically grows faster than women’s hair too. This is because testosterone is one of the hormones that encourage growth, which men have in higher quantities.

3.   Americans love a clean-shaven president.

You heard it here first, Americans find something innate trustworthy about a clean-shaven president. So much so in fact, that there hasn’t been a single fuzzy face in office since 1913.

They’re not the only ones though, the last British Prime Minister to sport a beard was Lord Salisbury in 1902. A few notable moustaches have crept in over the 119 years since, but it seems that beards are a no-go in politics both domestically and across the pond.

4.   Stubble isn’t allowed in wrestling.

We’re not talking staged wrestling here, so The Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin can rest easy. However, Olympic wrestling has strict rules on facial hair, with competitors told to have either a full beard or none at all. The reason for this rule is that stubble can irritate an opponent’s skin. Bless.

5.   The oldest barbershop is 216 years old.

As records go, the oldest known barbershop in the world is Truefitt & Hill which you can find in Mayfair, London. Established by William Francis Truefitt in 1805, the grooming experience has come a long way, with prices starting at £130. Personally, we’ll save the dosh and do it at home for a fraction of the cost.

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