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5 Good Skin Habits to Start Today

The days are getting longer, the weather is heating up, and the beer gardens are open – it’s summertime!

Now’s the time for all you lads and ladies to get your skincare routine down to an art, focusing on the essentials of getting your skin in shape and keeping it protected. While it isn’t rocket science, it does require you to get into a few good skin habits, but we’re making it easy by condensing them into the basics for your reading pleasure.

1.   Slap on Some Sunscreen

Most of us are guilty of leaving the house without putting on sunscreen, but this really is one of those grown-up chores we should all get into the habit of doing on a daily basis. While most sunscreens will protect your skin from sunburn-causing UVB rays, it’s the UVA rays that cause premature ageing, fine lines and wrinkles.

Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB rays and start using it daily from March until October. Yes, really.

2.   Keep It Clean

Our skin is exposed to lots of pore-blocking potential during the warmer months, from sweat and oil to pollens, pollution, and, yes, sunscreen. The easiest way to open those pores (and get a closer shave) is with heat.

Before cleansing or shaving, rest a hot towel on your face; the thicker, the better, as it will help to retain the heat. Try the Pure Shave Shaving Towel for best results. 

3.   Exfoliate Your Skin

Opening your pores is the first step to clean, clear skin, but it’s no help if your pores are trapped under a layer of dry skin. Many people experience dry skin during summer, and regular exfoliation can help.

For women, try a gentle AHA exfoliator such as lactic or glycolic acid, which can be used daily on most skin types. For men, the good news is that the blades of your razor also have an exfoliating effect, so if you’re a frequent shaver, you’ve been lightly exfoliating without even trying.

4.   Add A Boost Of Moisture

Pure Shave users will already know that our shaving cream contains nourishing almond oil and vitamin E, which keeps skin feeling supple and hydrated. Still, if you’re not a daily shaver, it’s time to get into the habit of moisturising.

Light, fragrance-free and non-greasy, Pure Shave Moisturiser was formulated for those who need more hydration than our shaving cream alone. Other moisturisers are, of course, available but always look for one which prioritises skin-friendly ingredients.

5.   Quench Your Thirst

Last but not least, no matter what you do with the outside of your skin, the biggest impact comes from beneath the surface. Your skin is your body’s largest organ, so if you don’t stay hydrated and have a poor diet, your skin is the first place it’ll show.

Especially in summer, it’s essential to give your body plenty of water and healthy oils. Trust us; you’ll notice the difference.

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