Washbag Buyers Guide Pure Shave London

Toiletry / Washbag Buyer’s Guide

Nothing says “luxury” quite like a well-made washbag. Unpacking from a long flight and having the immediate convenience of all your favourite toiletry and skincare products in one place? Heaven! If you’re using a substandard bag to tote your things around with you on vacay, it’s time to indulge and treat yourself to a little upgrade. 

When choosing a washbag, you want something that will last for years without looking tattered and tired. Avoid light colours which will quickly become stained, as well as fabrics that can’t be easily cleaned. Dark coloured, smooth materials, like the brown leather used in the Pure Shave Washbag, are ideal, as they will hide multiple sins and continue looking smart for years to come. A sturdy zip is also a must, as a washbag isn’t much use if the zip goes awry after a few uses. And finally, storage, storage, storage. Look for a toiletry bag that has ample space for everything you might need to store, ideally with at least one separate compartment to help you stay organised.

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