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The Holy Grail of Shaving

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It’s been a long hard road developing the Pure Shave shaving cream. It seems an absolute age since I was sitting in my kitchen with a metal bowl, whisk and half a dozen ingredients.
My initial plan was to make a shaving foam and the formulation was created with that in mind. The key was to find an eco friendly way of producing the foam; I went down a number of routes to achieve this but none of them worked well enough.
After much soul searching I decided that the eco credentials of my product meant more to me than whether or not it foamed up or not, after all it worked just as well (if not better) as a cream. Once I had decided on this outcome the eco packaging and refillable ethos really came into being.
Since the launch back in July I have had some amazing feedback. One customer described it as ‘the holy grail of shaving he had been looking for for over 30 years’
One of my friends mentioned that although he liked the cream he missed the process of ‘lathering up’ to create a foam using a traditional shaving brush. Being totally bias, I want everyone to enjoy the product. Pondering on this for a few days, the now blindingly obvious solution, struck me. Simply, use a shaving brush with the shaving cream to create a foam. I experimented, using the normal amount of cream I would use to shave with and with a wet shaving brush, mixed it vigorously. The result was exactly as I had planned it all those years before, a thick luxurious shaving foam. Simple, when you know how!
Another customer shared the fact that he uses a small amount of the shave cream as a pre shave treatment. I was unsure but tried it anyway and I have to say I was surprised by the results! Wet your face, legs or whatever you happen to be shaving with warm water then take a small amount of cream ,1 – 2 pumps, and rub into your stubble. Leave this on for 10-15 minutes and then shave as normal with your usual amount of shaving cream. The results are quite surprising, I would not have thought to use the shaving cream in this way.
If you have any tips – please share with us
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