How to subscribe

Select your plan and how often you would like your refills.


£ 4.45 / Month
  • 2 shaves
  • or
  • 1 leg shave
  • per week

1 pouch every 6 months


£ 5.25 / Month
  • 4 shaves
  • or
  • 2 leg shaves
  • per week

1 pouch every 5 months

Best Seller


£ 8.45 / Month
  • Daily Shaver
  • or
  • 3 leg shaves
  • per week

1 pouch every 3 months


£ 11.95 / Month
  • Family
    Ideal for four adults in the same household

1 pouch every 2 months

Our subscription plans are based on how often you shave and what you are shaving and how dense your stubble growth is. This varies person to person so once you are set up and start using Pure Shave shaving cream you may need to alter your subscription to suit your particular usage.

You can alter and make changes to your subscription including cancellation if you login to you account.


"Pure shave is much better than any other product that I have ever used. So much So that I have been shaving daily with it, which I never did before as I've always found it too painful."
Primary School Teacher
"Pure Shave leaves the skin feeling great and no need for an aftershave balm. I had no razor burn or razor rash. The aluminium bottle looks awesome and I love the fact it is re-fillable."
Cardiovascular doctor
"Pure shave rinsed well from the razor, provided a smooth shave and left the skin feeling very good. I love the bottles and the idea of refills"
TV presenter