A shave that leaves your skin feeling soft supple and hydrated

If shaving has ever left you with red, irritated skin that takes days to recover, or tight, dry skin that is crying out for moisture.
We feel your pain – for too long we’ve had to prioritise a close shave over comfort. 
Pure Shave has been designed for men & women who expect more from their skincare. Irritation-free shaving that leaves skin refreshed, supple and hydrated, with quality ingredients and great eco-friendly credentials. 
Because when it comes to shaving, you really can have it all.

When the bottle is empty why throw it away! Refill it with our Eco Refill pouch – Made from recycled materials. It holds enough shaving cream to refill your bottle three times

What People Are Saying

The benefits of Pure Shave

*Based on anecdotal evidence during development of the product