Bye Movember! Get Your Face In Top Shape For Winter

Did you unleash your inner walrus last month? Or maybe you gave the old handlebars a try? Whatever look you rocked during Movember, most of us are back to our regular shaving routine now that December has arrived. And with that leap from full-face ‘fro to clean-cut, we know that some of you will be feeling the aftereffects on your skin.

Whether you’re battling the dreaded shaving rash, suffering from sudden dry patches, or are just COLD, we’ve got the products and advice you need to get through winter in comfort.

Let’s start with the shave.

Hopefully, if you’ve already taken off your mo’ for charity, you did a little research about the best way to remove it without irritating your skin. If not, or if you’ve yet to go under the blade, here’s what you need to know…

  • Trim your facial hair.

If you’ve been growing it out for the whole month, it’s best to take it back down gradually. Start by using a beard trimmer to bring it down to a short stubble, then leave it a week before shaving.

  • Take a hot shower.

Before you grab the razor, hit the shower and let the heat soften everything up first.

  • Use shaving cream.

Don’t lather up with soap which will only dry your skin out. Instead, use shaving cream to help reduce friction while nourishing your skin.

  • Use a sharp blade.

It might be a part of your basic shaving technique, but it bears repeating – always use a sharp blade for the best results. A dull razor leads to pulling and irritation. Rinse frequently and switch the blade as often as needed.

Now for your aftercare.

While the steps above will keep shaving rash at bay, there are other issues you might stumble across when removing your facial hair after a prolonged period. Dry, flaky skin is commonplace at this time of year, particularly with the harsh wind and frequent changes in humidity and heat as we move between inside and outside. Your skin might also feel sensitive to the December cold, having spent a month undercover!

The key here is to make sure your skin stays well hydrated and protected from the elements. Our Pure Shave Shaving Cream is rich enough to nourish most skin types on its own, but if you have particularly dry or sensitive skin, you may want to add a moisturiser into your routine. Not only will this stop your skin from drying out, but if it contains natural oils, it will help to create a protective barrier between your skin and the cold winter air.

Our Pure Shave Moisturiser is fragrance-free and has been formulated to give your skin the boost of nourishment it needs to stay flake-free all day.

With these easy steps and the support of good products, you have everything you need to have smooth, irritation-free skin for the Christmas season. Now, where’s that mistletoe?

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